Unlock a FREE Urbie Air Purifier


You basically share our Kickstarter project with your friends on social media. When they buy an Urbie, you get a 15% commission for every unit sold through your unique affiliate link.

For Example, if any of your friends gets the €169 pledge, you make €25 per order, and before you know it, it adds up and you can make up the cost of an Urbie. 

The money gets paid to you via paypal after our campaign ends. You will have a dashboard to monitor your sales, you can even sell more and start making some serious cash.

Follow these 3 EASY Steps to earn your FREE Urbie Today!

Step 1 - Click the Green Button below 'Sign Up to GET a FREE URBIE' 

Step 2 - Register for free as a Booster

Step 3 -  Share your unique Booster Link on your social media accounts and start earning money to buy your Urbie. Refer to your Dashboard to monitor your commissions. 


Note: You will need to sell approximately 5-7 Urbie's through your unique affiliate links to be able to pay the price of one Urbie Air. Shoot us a message if you're still not sure how this works :)

This campaign is not accepting new Boosters at this time.
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